Media Placement

How to place advertisements in your chosen media

Media Placement

Placing adverts is easy - finding the right advertising media and doing the media planning and strategic buying isn't so easy.

A lot of media advertising companies will help you with your ad designs these days, especially if it will fill the slots in their magazines, newspapers or even Online advertising formats. However, you need to do a fair bit of groundwork before your media placement will work for you.

First of all, you must determine which media is going to work best for your campaign. Will Internet Advertising or products and services from outdoor advertising companies work best. Do I want to reach a consumer or B2B targeted audience and what kind of message do I want to give out to these people?

When you have researched your media closely, you can then start to work out a budget and schedule to work in line with your media buying objectives.

The overall message and design of your advert is also extremely important. If you are looking for branding and corporate identity then magazine advertisements or National Newspaper Advertising should work well for you. If you are looking for quick response, then banner advertising as a media placement and ppc advertising will bring click throughs to your website. To set up web advertising in these formats is quite easy to do, but you must stay on top of your design, Impressions, clicks and what it is costing you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Finally, an advertising agency or media buying agency can take the hard work of preparing copy, researching the media and doing all the media placement for you. Of course, this is all going to cost money, so you have to work out what is in the pot before you can explore this option.
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